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July 22nd

is anyone else really sick of hearing people say ‘be a man’??

honestly what gender you are does NOT determine whether you can be strong/do something difficult, and saying ‘be a man’ implicitly suggests that a woman would not be able to pull through

how sexist is that urgh

July 14th
June 18th


can you imagine if tumblr just decided to shut down and you see all these confused teenagers coming out of their house squinting at the sun

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June 8th
tw0twelve-deactivated20140621 asked: You're amazing at taking photos. I just spent a whole bunch of time looking through you're blog ! :)

hey thank you so much! 

May 25th


*teacher hands you test*
“sorry I’m not interested”

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May 20th jewist:

д и с к о (by neamoscou)
April 30th
April 25th
April 16th


do you think clouds look down on people and think “that ones shaped like an idiot”

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April 16th